We Fight Tickets

We Fight Tickets


As your Trucking Safety Consultant, ABS SafeCom takes due care that all Violation tickets are contested, and employees are trained to keep your Safety Rating at a satisfactory level. We provide Legal Licensed representation in The US and Canada.


·         Guilty Plea to On Road Traffic violations can Take you off Road.

·         Convictions for charges are the main factor in increasing a carrier’s violation rate, and insurance premiums.

Why You need to Fight tickets


Most traffic tickets and summons include not just the fine, but demerit points, CVOR Points and some with a license suspension and even possibility of jail time.

 A Professional Driver and Carrier are impacted more as Violations attached to commercial license affect both Driver personal record and Company CVOR.

The accumulation of traffic tickets can mean increased

Ø  Insurance premiums

Ø  May affect the safety rating of the company and trigger

§  Warning letters,

§  Audits,

§  Interviews, or

§  Sanctions from DOT or MTO

For individual drivers, your driving record can become a burden on your pocket and limit your Job Prospects in Canada And The US.

Although, all tickets and issues may not be withdrawn, Tickets can be “managed” to reduce or limit the amount of points going to record.



Our Legal Representatives take care of your tickets by challenging them on your behalf and keeping them away from your records in Canada & US. We make sure that proper plan of action. 

If you are already having violations constricting your growth and Your Rating has made triggered Audits, interviews, and sanctions. We work with you team to bring you back on track with Safety Regulations.

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