Axel Weight Adjustment

Axel Weight Adjustment

Commercial vehicles in Canada and US are subject to legislated axle weight limits. While excesses can result in heavy cost of fleet operations, implementing compliance strategies can increase profits considerably. In this one-day seminar, participants will understand how to reference and apply legislation for commercial vehicle weights. The material is specifically designed for fleet compliance personnel, but it is important as well for any drivers, mechanics, shippers or warehouse personnel responsible for commodities being shipped.

  • Why weight laws exist
  • Consequences of improper loading
  • How to determine maximum allowable gross weights for specify vehicle and vehicle combinations

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of axle and gross vehicle weight legislation
  • Know the basic structure and terminology of the legislation and be able to reference appropriate sections
  • Determine maximum allowable gross vehicle weights
  • Calculate optimal weights and configuration for specific vehicle loads and configuration
  • Apply compliance strategies to practical vehicle loading scenarios

Format Classroom: Workshop style instruction with interactive discussion and practical exercises.

Resources: Supplied: Participant’s manual, Weights and Dimensions handbook (MTO) Recommended: Highway Traffic Act (Ontario), a calculator with metric conversion.

Evaluation: Full attendance, participation, and open book written test for successful completion.

Duration: One (1) Day

Certification: Certificate of Completion.

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