Change Your Attitude Behind The Wheel

Change Your Attitude Behind The Wheel

Change Your Attitude Behind The Wheel


How you drive is a reflection of your attitude. A good driving attitude is the result of constantly practicing the three C's:

Courtesy, Caution and Common Sense.

Did you know...

  • Drivers who continuously cut you off, make unsafe lane changes, speed, follow too close and disobey traffic signs and signals are displaying aggressive driving behaviour.
  • As a driver, you have to share the road to keep traffic moving safely. You must be predictable and do what other road users expect you to do.
  • You must be courteous and you must be able to see dangerous situations before they happen and to respond quickly and effectively to prevent them.
  • Being a safe and responsible driver takes a combination of knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • Aggressive driving is often the result of drivers taking anger, resentment and frustration with them when they get behind the wheel. These attitudes are not conducive to safe driving.
  • An aggressive state of mind shows in your driving behaviour and affects your safety and the safety of others.
  • Give angry and aggressive drivers lots of space. Remember, it "takes two to tango." One angry driver can't start a fight unless another is willing to join in.

Keep Cool on the Road
Follow these rules to stay safe and "cool" on the road:

  • Don't take traffic problems or any road user's behaviour personally.
  • Don't make obscene gestures.
  • Don't tailgate or follow too close.
  • Use your horn sparingly (a polite honk can be misinterpreted).
  • Avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver.
  • Don't block the passing lane or turning lane.
  • When you merge, make sure you have plenty of room and watch the people behind you.
  • If someone cuts you off, slow down and give them room to merge into your lane.
  • Allow at least a two-second space between your vehicle and the car ahead. Drivers may get nervous or angry when they are followed too closely.
  • If you feel the driver behind you is following you too closely, pull over when safe and allow the other driver to pass.

Reduce your risks.

Safe driving starts with a good attitude.


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