Cargo Securement

Cargo Securement

In this course, you will recognize and identify Cargo Securement elements and their properties, safe and legal securement and distribution methods and apply tie down regulations to varied cargo. You will learn how to Tie down loads, and how to evenly distribute the weight of the load. You will be instructed on proper chaining and tarping procedures as required by regulations, as well as the proper use of various other types of securing equipment. Participants in the Cargo Securement program study the methods and tools for proper load securement. This five-hour program includes both classroom instruction and practical, hands–on training securing various types of loads, using various methods and tools.

  • General information on Tie downs
  • Proper cargo placement and restraint procedures
  • Aggregate Working Load Limits
  • Tie down Devices: Chains, Synthetic Webbing, Cable, Steel Strapping, Rope, and Tie down Anchor Points
  • General Securement Requirements
  • Securement of Coiled Metals and Paper Rollers
  • Securement of miscellaneous metal articles

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure, and application of Cargo Securement standards
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of Regulations and guidelines for configuring and securing loads
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of Securement devices, and equipment
  • Identify whether a load is properly secured
  • Identify types of devices used to load heavy equipment

Format Classroom: Workshop style instruction with interactive discussion and practical exercises.

Resources: Student Handbook.

Evaluation: Full attendance, participation, and written test for successful completion.

Duration: 4 Hours

Certification: Certificate of Completion.

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