Blind Spots on Heavy Vehicles

Blind Spots on Heavy Vehicles

Watch out for collisions!

Did you know drivers of heavy vehicles don't always see you? Like motorists, truck and bus drivers can't see certain parts of the road around their vehicle. Due to the large dimensions of heavy vehicles, blind spots represent areas with higher collision risks. Also, motorists must avoid hazardous manoeuvres when they are in these blind spots.

In front of the vehicle

When you pass a truck - always on the left - accelerate so you are in the trucker's field of vision as soon as possible. Don't reenter the right-hand lane until you see the entire truck in your interior rear-view mirror.

Behind the vehicle

If you only see one of the exterior rear-view mirrors of the truck you are following, this means you are too close and the driver doesn't see you. A collision then could occur if the trucker brakes or slows down suddenly.

On each side of the vehicle

When you are driving beside a heavy vehicle, it is possible its driver doesn't see you. You could be in danger if he changes his path. Depending on the situation, accelerate or slow down so he sees you; this will be the case if you can see the driver's face in his exterior rear-view mirror.

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