CANADA and US Bond Registration

CANADA and US Bond Registration

Registering as bonded carrier contributes to Expand and Expedite your operations. ABS SafeCom has been helping Carries to register for US and Canadian Bond for years and ensuring that you are on time every year for renewal. We take care of process from start to end and beyond.

  • The "bonded" status gives the carrier easy access at border crossings enabling to meet delivery deadlines.
  • Status of a bonded carrier is Pre-requisite for acceptance into CSA and FAST Program.

Companies who carry loads across the border require Custom bond or Carrier bond to secure their transportation while importing commercial merchandise. The custom bond ensures that you will pay all the fees, taxes, and duties owed to the government.

Reason to be Bonded Carrier
  • Suppliers prefer to do business with a "bonded" carrier. Suppliers understand that there is a prequalification and security screening process that the "bonded" carrier goes through with Customs and the Bonding Company Thus, making them preferable business partners.
  • Pre-screening and registration with customs thus minimizes delays at crossing border.
  • Control of financial obligation to customs.
  • It makes you eligible for the Customs Self-Assessment Program and the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Program.

ABS SafeCom helps you to register as a bonded carrier with both the Us and Canadian customs. We register for "Continuous bonds” and also do “Annual Bond Renewals”.

  • We Support you to be eligible and prepared with all requisites to become a bonded Carrier.
  • We Register for importer number.
  • We help you to register Security. We work with approved surety company to initiate the bond application process.
  • We apply for carrier code with Customs.
  • We keep you informed and updated on any changes and updates

After getting Bonded status, we help you to benefit from our specialized services for Printing for Various labels required by a” bonded carrier”:

  • Barcode Labels- These labels with bonded carrier code is necessary for carrier to get within 30 days of registering. Failing to have these upon arrival at the border can result in an administrative penalty of $1000
  • We also get you A8A Manifest labels
  • PAPS (For entering USA)
  • PARS (For entering CANADA)

We reduce paperwork and administration for you, translating to less headaches and more time for your business.

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