Permits and Authorities Service

Permits and Authorities Service

ABS SafeCom’s Transportation Permits and Authorities Service can help you with:

  •  First Time Registrations
  •  Annual Renewals
  •  Fleet Additions and Deletion

Annual State Permits

  • IFTA Jurisdictions
  • Oregon
  • New York Highway Use Tax (HUT)
  • New Mexico Weight Permit
  • Kentucky Highway Use License (KYU)
  • Kansas Motor Carrier Property Tax

Other Services

  • US DOT Operating Authority
  • FMCSA /ICC Operating Authority Applications (New Entrant Program)
  • USDOT Numbers
  • US Process Agent Filling (BOC-3)
  • SCAC Registrations
  • US Customs Decals/Transponders & Registrations
  • Business Registration
  • Ontario CVOR-Registrations and Renewals
  • QC Registrations Applications
  • IRP Registration & Plates
  • ACE Manifest
  • PARS & PAPS Labels
  • Pre Pass
  • MC Number
  • MCS-150 Form New and Updates
  • EIN/FIN Number
  • Canadian Carrier Code
  • UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)

ABS SafeCom can help your COMPANY to register with:

  • C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • PIP (Partner in Protection)
  • FAST (Free and Secure Trade)
  • CSA (Customs Self-Assessment Program)
  • The SmartWay Transport Partnership
  • As a Canadian Bonded Carrier
  • As a US Bonded Carrier

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