DOT approved Drug and Alcohol Testing

DOT approved Drug and Alcohol Testing

ABS SafeCom ensures that your company complies with Industry Standards and / or US Department of Transportation Regulations.

ABS SafeCom’s US DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program includes:

  • Consulting and Policy Development Service
    • Helps you quickly get into compliance with consideration for your goals, budget, and time involvement.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Review and Development
  • Drug and Alcohol File Auditing and Management
    • Initial Program Audit
    • Ongoing Document Auditing and Retention
  • DOT Audit Support
    • If you are audited, our experienced, knowledgeable specialists will back you up with a track record of consistent success.
    • ABS SafeCom’s Drug & Alcohol Testing team of experts will be able to help you through this decision-making process.

Why choose ABS Safecom as Your Drug and Alcohol Test Site?

Convenient Times

Our office is open 7 days a week, so a candidate can walk in any time at our office and use this service for free.

Accessible Location

Our office is centrally located and within your reach, accessible by all major transportation systems.


No prior appointments are required.

Service Excellence

Our highly trained, multilingual and friendly staff treat our clients with respect at all times.

ABS SafeCom’s Drug & Alcohol Program Management Service includes:

  • Pre-employment / pre-access
  • Post-incident / post-accident
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Random drug and alcohol testing

ABS SafeCom is a proud Partner with CannAmm, Surehire and DriverCheck

ABS SafeCom is a CERTIFIED Drug and Alcohol Test Collection Site.

We can serve our clients with such state-of-the-art services in drug and alcohol testing by partnering with CannAmm, Surehire and DriverCheck.

We offer best drug and alcohol testing expert service. Our professional 14 years' experience in this industry.

Why ABS SafeCom has partnered with CannAmm:

CannAmm Occupational Testing Services was the first company in Canada to offer national workplace drug and alcohol testing programs and occupational medical services to industry clients since 1995.

CannAmm is now the largest occupational drug testing and medical program management company in Canada.

Why ABS SafeCom has partnered with SUREHIRE:

Surehire, the fastest growing occupational health testing company with largest exclusive testing network.

Why ABS SafeCom has partnered with DriverCheck:

DriverCheck is one of the leading drugs and alcohol testing providers in Canada. They are well-equipped to manage testing needs and processes and they believe in strict adherence to privacy and confidentiality protocols.

ABS SafeCom can serve you from over 400 locations across all Canadian Provinces and Territories!

We can help you to manage the Drug and Alcohol Testing. Contact us for more information.

ABS Safecom is a proud member of and Partner in Safely with