ELD / Log Book Auditing and Monitoring

ELD / Log Book Auditing and Monitoring

ELD / Logbook Auditing & Monitoring

ABS SafeCom has been helping transportation companies with regulatory compliance since 2002. Below are some tips from our log auditing experts that can help you understand why log auditing is critical.

Tips from our Log Auditing Experts

  • As a Carrier it is your responsibility to audit and monitor your drivers’ logs.
  • If you do not audit, then do not expect compliance.
  • If you cannot read the log, it is a violation.
  • If auditing has turned up a problem, deal with it quickly.
  • Speed counts in auditing. If you are three months behind in auditing and a driver is making a mistake, you will have three months of mistakes to deal with!

More than one-third of all violations with the
Department of Transportation (DOT) revolve around
Hours of Service and Driver Logs!

Log Book Auditing & Monitoring is often a challenge for fleets. Staying on top of the task of monitoring drivers’ Hours of Service and conducting accurate, complete driver log auditing are critical for compliance and avoiding costly fines.

ABS SafeCom’s Driver ELD / Log Auditing Services takes this burden off your hands!

ABS SafeCom will assist with the development of a system to accomplish your regulatory compliance goals. Just send us your logs, and we will organize them, perform a complete audit, and provide timely, relevant reporting. Our Log Auditing Experts are ready to assist you with simplifying your log auditing process.

Critical ELD / Log Auditing

This affordable service can help you quickly get into compliance, with consideration for your goals, budget and time involvement.

You submit your drivers’ logs to ABS SafeCom’s Log Auditing Department. We audit the logs and provide monthly reports including:

  • Compliance Notification
  • Monthly Utilization
  • Violation Summary
  • Violation History
  • Missing Logs
  • Falsified Logs

Key Benefits:

  • Improved compliance with Hours-of-Service regulations
  • Reduced CSA Driver Fatigue violations
  • Compliance reporting that helps you make sound business decisions
  • Reduced costs associated with labor, fines and litigation
  • Consistent processes across your organization
  • Centralized driver database
  • MTO or DOT audit support and access to ABS SafeCom’s regulatory experts

We can help you to monitor your Driver Hours of Service Compliance. Contact us for more information.

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