Harpinder Marahar is the Founder and Managing Director of ABS SafeCom.

He is a qualified engineer with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). Harpinder has over 20+ years transportation industry experience in Operations, Safety & Compliance, Permits, Training and Human Resources.

Harpinder is known as a man of integrity, hardworking, and an outstanding Certified Instructor amongst his peers in the Ontario Safety League (OSL), and other fleets and organizations. He also holds Signing Authority approved by the Ontario Safety League, Canada Safety Council and the Ministry of Transportation. Harpinder represents the transportation industry by lobbying through his active participation on related committees in the OSL. OSL has sought his advice in relation to CVSA matters and have recommended him to clients to address safety issues within specific fleets or within their organizations.

Harpinder received the “Distinguished Service Award” in 2007 from the Ontario Safety League.

Ontario Safety League also presented him with the “Outstanding Achievement Award” in 2011.

ABS Safecom is a proud member of and Partner in Safely with